Focus on food imports


Top Flier, leader of China Imported food industry, with “All categories, Multiple brands, let 1.3 billion Chinese people enjoy safe and healthy imported food” as its business philosophy.

The company focused on three major advantages:

 Rich Categories, Selected Brands: high quality imported foods with more than 500 SKUs, full coverage of common food categories with more than 100 well-known brands.

Secure cooperation, Unified Branding: guarantee customers with long-term and stable business development, manage& promote each brand with professional marketing staff. 

Ace team, Professional service: sales team with more than 600 staffs, sales and logistics services cover nationwideinmore than 600 prefecture-level and county-level cities.

 Develop with overseas& domestic partners together, and lead the development of China imported food industry, Top Flier business scale will gradually exceed 10 billion RMB annually, 1.3 billion Chinese people could enjoy safe and healthy imported foods anywhere anytime.

Business Cooperation purpose:

Profit to clients, common development;

Single brand, Exclusive distribution rights;

Single channel, Exclusive supply;

Achieve clients’ success and win-win cooperation.


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